Cedar Point Cat&
Cedar Point Cat&

Cedar Point Cat's Meow Boneville Shelf Sitter

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Boneville. Ride the rails of history. All abord! When this train departs the station, you'll want to make sure you've got a seat. Why, you ask? Well, because the park is one of the few left in the world to operate authentic coal-fired steam locomotives. This railway excursion takes passengers on a two-mile trip over bridges and through Boneville. This cast of silly characters reenacts life on the American frontier, including shootouts, classroom lessons, fire brigades and singing workers. When the conductor blows his whistle, just be ready for boarding and a great time.

Made in Ohio by Cat's Meow. Each Cat's Meow shelf sitter is colorfully printed on 3/4" thick wood and provides details on the back. 

Can you spot Casper? The Cat's Meow mascot is hiding in every piece.