"Cedar Sky" Poster Print by Tina Husted - All Proceeds to Charity

"Cedar Sky" Poster Print by Tina Husted - All Proceeds to Charity

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One-of-a-kind artwork for a place like no other - for a good cause! Second Lady of Ohio, Tina Husted, has partnered with Cedar Fair Charities and the North Central State College Foundation to create an art piece that beautifully captures Cedar Point. The painting has been reproduced into poster prints that you can hang in your own home! All proceeds from this 24" x 18" print will support North Central State College students' educational needs. The contributions being made directly impact area workforce development by removing obstacles for students seeking a degree or certificate. 

About the artist, Tina Husted: 

Tina Husted grew up in Bucyrus, Ohio and fondly remembers annual family treks to Cedar Point. “It was always a special treat for me and my two older brothers. Our parents worked hard to give us the opportunity to visit the park and we made every second count!  I recall many sleepless, restless nights prior to the excursion—the anticipatory excitement was palpable.” Husted lives and works in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, John, who currently serves as the Lieutenant Governor for the State of Ohio.

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